From the Pastor

From the Pastor

Thank you for visiting our web page, I am so glad you chose to spend some of your time with us. Please take a few minutes and have a good look at what our ministry has to offer.

Personally I want you to know how important you are to God, you are important simply because you are loved. That?s right. God loves you and so do we, very deeply. It is the spirit of that same love that we make this promise to you: that as a Christian family, a body of believers in Jesus Christ, we vow to demonstrate his love through our lives, our worship, and our entire ministry.

It is this ministry's vision to build up God's people to attain spiritual maturity, developing them into having a deep relationship with God; grow in knowledge and wisdom of God's word; take authority over all negative forces (Matthew 16:19); preach the kingdom's gospel (Matthew. 24:14); and release captives (Matthew 16:19). This we aim to achieve through messages and teachings of the Biblical doctrines and principles.

This knowledge will help the Christian man and woman to abound in all good works and fruits, and so to grow in the knowledge of God. (Colossians 1:9-10).

Here at king's chapel there is liberty, we are vibrant in the word, effective in prayer, awesome in worship and real in relationships. A visit to king's chapel will not be a wasted day.

Timothy Oladipo
King's pastor.

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